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Yum!!! September 17, 2009

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I am so excakecited to tell everyone about a new idea I had for this years auction. We did so much planning this summer and this is probably my favorite. We have decided to have a bakery. YUM! The way it works is the day before the event your child will be asked to bring in a baked item. If you choose to participate your child will get a no uniform day, and the class with the most items will receive a movie and popcorn party.  We will sell, not auction the baked goods at the event. This is pure profit for our school, so let’s try to make it a success. I will send more information home closer to the event.


4 Responses to “Yum!!!”

  1. Patricia Kuhn Says:

    Great Idea!!!!

  2. Kim Besosa Says:

    What a nice incentive to motivate the kids to get involved! I’ll probably buy the ingredients and ask Burton to make some of his muffins!

  3. Amy Guettler Says:

    Good going! I really think new and refreshing ideas are going to be key to a successful event!

  4. Stacey English Says:

    Burton????? Red Velvet Cake, please! Yum!

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