HFS Silent Auction Dinner Dance & Grande Raffle

“Find a marvelous mask and wear it well so your true identity no one can tell”

Can you find me? January 5, 2010

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“Masquerade Ball”

Find a marvelous mask and wear it well so your true identity no one can tell !

With our new venue for the event came a new theme. We are all so excited about all the new changes.Don’t assume that the “Ball” in the new title means that you have to go out and buy an expensive evening gown, unless you want to be the exception. Most of us will be spicing up the usual attire we would associate with going to a nice dinner out or to church with an awesome mask. Besides, we would rather everyone save their money for the auction!

Another small change will be the agenda. We intend to finish the auction and start the dancing and entertainment around 9:30. We hope that this will allow everyone to enjoy a couple more hours of festivities if you can get a sitter that will stay late. If you have to avoid turning into a pumpkin and need to get home early, you will still have had the opportunity to participate in the evening’s auction and grande raffle!

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this year’s event. Mark your calenders for March 6th and we will see you there, unless your mask disguises your identity too well!


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