HFS Silent Auction Dinner Dance & Grande Raffle

“Find a marvelous mask and wear it well so your true identity no one can tell”

Auction Team September 16, 2009


I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to chair this years silent auction. I love planning events and this one is very special. The silent auction is not just a great night of food, bidding and fun. It is also the school’s primary fundraiser and the school depends on the proceeds to run it.

Holy Family is such a great school! I should know, I spent 9 years there. I have four boys that now attend Sebastian-4th, Callister-2nd, Teagan-1st and Ryser-preK. My daughter, Swaisie, is not old enough for school yet (thank goodness!) but she attends most of her brother’s activities.

I have really enjoyed becoming friends with the parents and teachers from Holy Family as well. There have been several that jumped in to help with the silent auction but there are still several jobs that need to be filled. If you are ready to head up one of our groups please let me know. If you would rather take less responsibility there are plenty of small jobs that we need help with too. Either way, any help will be appreciated!

Cathy Langford
HFS Silent Auction Chair

Meridith Amos, Co-Chair
Jennifer Kilroy, Co-Chair

Meridith Amos
Suzy Schrader
Cynthia Langford
Event Manager
Chris Kilroy
Bakery Manager
Cherie Miller
Faculty Liaison
Joani Williams


One Response to “Auction Team”

  1. Rebecca Bucy Says:

    Hello Cathy,
    I just wanted to touch base with you and see what other types of help you need for this years auction. I was unable to attend the offical meeting but would like to help if I can. I can even do the next day clean up. My son, Wade, has Ryser in his class. Again if you need anything please let me know. I am a counselor in the county school system so usually my email is the best way to reach me. Thanks for all you are doing.


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